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Thorn Cycles Sterling (09) - Review on Bikeradar.com

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Model Type Magazine Issue Page Rating Comments
Thorn Raven Sport Tour Tourer Arrivee Autumn 40-41 "Behind-the-forks front V-brake, which Andy says helps stop brake squeal and in use, this works well. There are enough braze-ons any tourist could ask for.A very nice touch is that all braze-ons and dropouts are made from stainless steel.
The gears change smoothly and accurately - far quicker and more precisely than modern cassettes - and the beauty is you can change gear while stationary, ideal for starting when fully loaded after stopping in a high gear.The gear cables separate with bayonet-style couplings, making wheel removal a quick and painless procedure.
I specified an upgrade for the Shimaano XTR, well worth the extra. Incredible stopping power with just on finger.
Reynolds 853 makes the Raven a stiff but comfortable frame, ideal for lightweight touring, commuting and fast(ish) day rides/audaxing.
The desin and components are top quality and all credit goes to Andy Blance for a well-engineered machine."
Tim Wainwright
Thorn Raven Tour Tourer Adventure Travel Magazine 68 16 "The ride is smooth and quiet, but the best thing is that whilst this bike will happily transport you and all your worldly belongings to Timbuktu, it'll also potter around the lanes, and see you to work every day as well. An excellent all rounder, for adventures and more."
Lara Dunn - Deputy Editor.
Sherpa Tourer Cycling Plus C+194 74-81 8 out of 10 "the hard working Sherpa reflects Thorn's tradition of building no-nonsense quality tourers with great attention to detail. It's good value, robust and well-rounded - we recommend it highly."
Thorn Raven Tour Tourer Cycling Plus C + 189 102-104 Again the Thorn Raven Tour has scooped the award of Cycling Plus Touring bike of the Year for 2006!

Here's what Cycling Plus said... This year's Gold goes to Thorn's Raven Tour (Cycling Plus 184), still the most economical way of investing in a Rohloff geared bike. We've been impressed with this ultra low maintenance, internally geared Germanic hub for touring duties, and highly recommend it to those who expect heavy use out of their bike or tough expedition conditions. With an overbuilt frame and a whole range of sizes and spec options to choose from, the Tour is an excellent workhorse. It won't just get you to the other side of the world - it'll take you to work and back when you're home again.
Club Tour Tourer Cycling Plus C+189 102-104 8 out of 10 "This is an absolutely fantastic machine. Several weeks and hundreds of miles of riding found no faults whatsoever. Whether you‘re looking for a dedicated tourer or a one-bike-for–all–needs touring/audax/commuting bike, this is certainly a machine worthy of serious consideration."

"Top quality full-on tourer at a very reasonable price! Simon Withers."
Thorn Raven Twin Tandem CTC Aug/Sep 56-59 Thorn Raven Twin review: "The Rohloff hub is a much improved system for the tandemist." "Thorn have created an impresively stiff yet comfortable frame, with excellent attention to detail accross every point of the bike." "What you get is of the highest quality." Cass Gilbert and Cara Coolbrough
Raven Tour Tourer Cycling Plus C+184 96-105 9 out of 10 “For Long distance, heavily laden or expedition touring, there’s nothing to beat the Rohloff hub - and the Raven Tour frame matches it perfectly. While there may be more elegant bikes, nothing can match it for price and practicality; it’s the benchmark against which not just other Speedhub bikes should be judged, but derailleured ones too. Teamed with an impressive versatility, it’s the combination of choice for any dedicated bike traveller.”
“An impressive combo; a well-rounded frame teamed with Rohloff’s superb Speedhub. Cass Gilbert."
Thorn Audax 853 Tourer Road Cycling UK 10 out of 10 "For long rides, Audax events, a winter trainer or even riding to work, it’s an awesome machine." "We’re lost to find a reason why you wouldn’t want one in your cycling arsenal."
Thorn EX steel rear carrier Rear carrier Cycling Plus C+181 66 9 out of 10 "Once mounted, its stiffness is immediately apparent and even with heavy loads there is no discernable sway." "Given the quality of this rack, it is unlikely you will need to by another." "Steel rack that should literally last a lifetime. Michael Stenning."
Thorn Raven Enduro MTB Singletrack Magazine 23 48 "Every tester who had a go on it commented on its nippy and neat handling – it is a very fun bike to ride." "it will work even when covered in thick mud, drivechain wear is minimal, there’s no rear mech to smash on rocks, there’s no chainslap and you can change gear when not pedaling." "this bike could be the perfect partner for all you maintenance-phobic, mech-smashing, mile-munching, fun-loving ‘real’ riders out there. Ben Haworth."
Thorn Raven Enduro MTB Cycling Plus C+169 70 9 out of 10 "Riding the Enduro during the Merida 100k Marathon series, it proved at its best in appalling conditions, where the sealed internals of the hub could ignore the worst of Wales’ derailleur clogging mud and crud, leaving a wake of frustrated riders nursing skipping gears and chain suck." "the Enduro performs superbly at what it was built for: an all-weather, fuss-free Mtb."
Thorn Raven Tour Tourer CTC Feb/Mar 56-57 "A Speedhub alone costs £625, so the Raven Tour is great value. It’s good for laden touring, rough-stuff, commuting, and general use."
"I’d buy one."
Dan Joyce - Editor
Thorn Raven Tour Tourer Cycling Plus C+166 Distance/touring bike of the year: "the Gold Award this year goes to Thorn’s Raven Tour" "an impressively well-rounded bike."
Overall Bike of the year: "Bronze award goes to the Thorn Raven." "As we said back in C+155, ‘the cheapest Rohloff equipped bike and probably the best’."
Thorn Raven Tour Tourer Cycling Plus Show Guide C+162 44-45 "The cheapest Rohloff bike on the market, and perhaps the best." "A bicycle that is as at home it the wilds as it is on tough city streets." "Build quality is impressive, with neat TIG welds and beautiful cast, Rohloff specific, stainless steel vertical dropouts." "A superbly engineered fit and forget hub, it’s so well sealed that there’s little maintenance required to keep it running."

Thorn Raven Tour

Tourer What Mountain Bike 113 Performance 9 Value 8 Minimal looks and maintenance, and ready to take on any corner of the world
Thorn Raven Tour Tourer Cycling Plus C+155 9 out of 10
Thorn XTC Tourer Cycling Plus C+148 9 out of 10
Thorn Explorer Tandem Cycling Plus C+145 24-29 9 out of 10 THORN Explorer from £999 "Great value all-rounder with superb handling, plenty of options too." It's a lot of bike for the money, with a good frame and respectable kit -choosing crank lengths and rims is a real bonus. It's versatile: fit some drops and
Thorn Club Tour Tourer Bicycle Magazine spring / summer 66 Group Test Best Buy! In sum, Thorns Club Tour is the pick of this bunch for comfort and effciency, with almost nothing short of racing it won't handle.
Thorn Nomad Tourer Cycling Plus C+138 60-67 9 out of 10 "The Ultimate expedition machine? Rugged, load carrying overlander, ideal for long term use." "If the Big Trip is what you're after, the Nomad will carry you through. And go back for more." Overall verdict - 9 out of 10 Frame - 9 Wheels - 9 Handling
Thorn XTC Tourer CTC Oct/Nov 50-51 "if you were going to shell out on one bike for all your touring and leisure riding needs, Thorn's XTC comes pretty close to ideal."
Thorn Cyclosportif Tourer Cycling Plus C+131 60-67 9 out of 10 "The Thorn is simply the best steel frame we've come across to date." "The ride character is a wonderful balance of resilience and stiffness." Overall verdict - 9 out of 10 Frame - 9 Handling - 9 Wheels - 9 Equipment - 9
Thorn 531 reinforced rear rack Rear carrier Cycling Plus C+118 75 9 out of 10 "A really top rack for any application that justifies the high asking price."
Thorn 531 adjustable rear rack Rear carrier Cycling Plus C+118 73 8 out of 10 "Will cope with all but the most extreme loads."
Adventure Tandem Cycling Plus C+117 26-30 9 out of 10 "The Thorn Adventure impressed immediately with wonderfull solid, steady handling at both low and high speed." Overall verdict - 9 out of 10 Frame - 9 Handling - 10 Gears & brakes - 9 Other components - 9
Thorn XTC Tourer Cycling Plus C+116 66-73 9 out of 10 THORN XTC 2000 from £1099 "The Thorn is leagues ahead" … "An entirely practical modern classic." Overall verdict - 9 out of 10 Frame - 10 Wheels - 9 Handling unloaded - 9 Handling loaded - 10 Equipment - 9
Thorn XTC Classic SWB Tourer Cycling Weekly 27 "The XTC Classic SWB offers comfort and that vital sense of speed" … "The own brand rack itself is, like the frame, well crafted steel. The panniers may have strained under the load, but the rack was unmoved". "The Thorns handling lived up to expectation.
Thorn eXp Tourer Cycling Plus C+105 68-75 9 out of 10 THORN eXp 2000 from £1299 "The Thorn eXp really is a no compromise expedition bike of the highest pedigree." "It's bombproof build and superb attention to fine detail will make it a bike to treasure for a lifetime." Overall verdict - 9 out of 10
Thorn Club Tour Tourer Cycling Plus C+103 66-73 8 out of 10 "A good bike and the price makes it a bargain"
Me'n'u2 Triplet Cycling Plus C+92 "An instant design classic" … "it_s a supremely practical vehicle, making possible many journeys you just couldn't do otherwise" … "I liked the Me'n'u2 so much I bought it!" - Dan Joyce (Editor)
Thorn Vitesse Tandem Cycling Plus C+87 60-66 5 out of 5 "Thorn tandems go from strength to strength and the Vitesse gives the best ride yet. Considering its versatility - important at £2000 plus - it's perhaps the best tandem we have ever tested." Overall verdict - 5 out of 5
Thorn Audax LE Audax Cycling Plus C+78 58-64 4.5 out of 5 Performance - 5 out of 5, Value - 4.5 out of 5
Thorn Nomad Tourer Cycling Plus C+73 60-68 Performance - 4 out of 5, Value - 4.5 out of 5
Thorn Voyager Enduro Tandem Cycling Plus C+70 60-66 5 out of 5 "The Thorn is without doubt the best tandem we've ridden in it's price range". Performance - 4 out of 5, Value - 5 out of 5
Thorn Discovery Tandem Cycling Plus C+44 70-75 Overall rating 95% Value for money 100%

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