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Important Rohloff oil change information

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It has been drawn to our attention that there may be some confusion surrounding procedures for changing the oil on your Rohloff hub.

Here are some notes for your information and guidance

Note #1 - Rohloff have developed their Speedhub oil and their cleaning oil (aka rinsing or flushing oil) specifically for the Speedhub…do not use any other oil. For regular use during temperatures below -15 deg C the hub should be run with a 50:50 mixture of cleaning oil and regular oil; below -30 deg (!!!) you should use cleaning oil only, as it has a much lower viscosity. If you are simply spending a short time in such conditions (high mountain passes?) then you will notice that it becomes more difficult to change gear…this does not matter as far as the hub is concerned and will not cause you any real problems.

Note #2 - An oil change should be performed every 5000 kilometers (3107 miles) or once a year, whichever comes first.

Note #3 - You can perform oil changes yourself, as long as you use Rohloff oils, this will not affect your hub guarantee.

Note #4 - Despite what may be written in the manuals, Rohloff aim to put about 20ml (on average) of oil into the factory-filled hubs, of this, around 12ml will “permanently” adhere to the numerous internal surfaces, so do not be surprised if you don’t actually manage to drain out much oil!
Rohloff have told me that, at oil change time, the ideal quantity to “re-fill” with is 15ml (they say 25ml in their current literature to make certain that the hubs receive at least 12ml) So if you feel confident that you can accurately measure 15ml, then you will be able to make savings.
Rohloff tell me that there is no advantage to using more oil than this indeed, you will simply make oil drips (through the breather) more numerous, and leaks through the seals more likely.

The internal breather is a hole which vents into the inside of the hollow axle, it is normal to have a very slow seepage of oil from the axle. Please consider that, if oil is slowly oozing out, there is less chance of unwanted fluids seeping in!
But please note there may be a significant pressure drop during flights which can cause the hollow axle to fill with oil; this will find its way out via the QR skewer. There is no need for concern because once the hub has been filled with oil, it is then impossible to drain enough oil from the hub to cause a lubrication failure, certainly within the period to the next oil change (5000Km).

As mentioned above, there will always be around 12ml of oil adhering to the surfaces; to remove this oil would require a complete strip down to component parts or repeated rinsing with a harmful organic solvent (Not recommended!).

Please be assured that small oil “leaks” are not a problem unless the bike leaks oil onto an expensive carpet…in which case they become a big problem!
And please bear in mind that the seals in the hub are there, principally, to prevent ingress of unwanted matter…which they do superbly; the seals should not leak but an “oil mist” around them is normal (to make a seal that is always 100% effective (in both directions) would significantly increase internal friction!)

Note #5 - Contrary to step 5 page 88 in the Rohloff hub manual, it is not compulsory to fit a new drain screw every time you change the oil. Rohloff have said that a new drain screw is only required if it weeps oil, although it is highly recommended to have a new drain screw to hand, just in case you do need one. If you follow the manual you will never have weeping of oil from the drain screw…if you follow our advice, you will only occasionally need to fit a new drain screw. You should use some thread lock (Locktite 511) on the drain screw…be very careful not to over-tighten it!

Note #6 - For a problem free oil change you will require the "Rohloff full oil change kit", this consists of:

1 x 25ml cleaning oil in a 50ml bottle
1 x 25ml Rohloff Speedhub oil
1 x oil filling tube
1 x non returnable syringe 50ml
1 x drain screw

Order your "Rohloff full oil change kit" now from our on-line store.

Note #7 - For full oil change instructions, please follow the steps in your Rohloff manual (page 87) but it is perfectly permissible to substitute the procedures explained in the notes above.

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