About Thorn Cycles

Thorn Cycles is a sister company to St John Street Cycles and we are the manufacturers of the very highly acclaimed range of Thorn touring bicycles. We cater for the discerning touring and tandem cycling market. We operate solely from our premises here in Bridgwater.

During the twenty-five years in which we have specialised in supplying serious touring cyclists with cycling equipment, we have learned many things – both from our own experiences and also from the feedback of thousands of customers. We have utilised this knowledge to develop our own Thorn range of touring cycles, tandems and frames. Our bikes have been sold all over the world and have themselves been ridden for millions of miles.

The range includes the Thorn Rohloff hub gear equipped cycles, Thorn derailleur geared touring cycles, Thorn Audax cycles, Thorn tandems and triplets.

See our FAQs section for all the information you could need to help you buy a Thorn bike.

The Bikes

Thorn bikes are assembled in Bridgwater in our own workshop by a team of excellent mechanics, all of whom are themselves dedicated cyclists. Every bike is built to each customer’s specific requirements and individual needs - we do not build “off the peg” bikes. All Thorn bikes have the clearances, braking systems and braze-ons commensurate with their intended applications. The geometries of the cycles vary sensibly and precisely with the size of the frame.