The Thorn Club Tour Mk4

This bike is a 700c derailleur equipped bike, it is intended for use with drops or straight bars and, depending upon fork for light to heavy loads.


Available in 3 colours and 8 sizes, with 3 steel forks to choose from, including a steel disc fork.

The Club Tour Mk4 is very competitively priced, many customers told us that, with the recommended upgrades, the Mk3 was:


“The finest traditional touring bike available, regardless of price!”


We know that the Club Tour Mk4 is an even better bike!

The Thorn Club Tour Mk4, was designed without compromise, to show exactly how good a Traditional British Touring Bike can be. It may be used throughout the week to commute to work, it can complete a 200Km Audax (or CTC reliability ride) at the weekend, yet be ready to carry 28Kg on your
annual summer cycle camping holiday. If necessary it will cope with up to 40Kg. You’re guaranteed a high quality ride, with superb handling. The Club Tour Mk4 can even take 40c tyres with mudguards. 

Complete Bikes from £1528.00

Many spec options are available:

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Thorn Gravel Bike

Based on the Club Tour, this bike is designed to be a steel framed Gravel bike with added versatility. This bike has all the standard gravel bike features a compact double chain set, wide range rear cassette, drop handlebars, twin disc brakes. However, our offering also features something most Gravel bikes lack, comfort and versatility! Steel frames are inherently more comfortable, you don't constantly worry about damage or cracks like you would with a carbon bike, we've also added an anti-shock stem to counter the slightly stiffer fork we have had to use to accommodate the forces of a disc brake, all of this will make trail buzz a thing of the past. The whole bike is very versatile and could quickly be turned into a fast tourer with the addition of a set of guards and a rack. 

Download more details on the Thorn Gravel Bike here

  • The Thorn Sherpa

The Thorn Sherpa

The Thorn Sherpa is a 26" derailleur equipped bike, it is intended for use with drop bars or straight bars and depending upon fork, with light to heavy loads.

  • 10 different sizes
  • 1 very small size with medium top tube,
  • 4 sizes with long top tubes,
  • 4 sizes with short top tubes,
  • There’s also a step through size!

We’ve been honing the design for over 15 years, yet the Sherpa could accurately be described as the NEW traditional touring bike.

Download more information on the Sherpa here

The Sherpa can be used for day to day transport, or it can literally travel the world.

The Sherpa’s very stable and it handles superbly. There’s no possibility whatsoever of accidentally overlapping feet and mudguards. Whilst the bike is extremely comfortable to ride, it can carry 28Kg of luggage and still handle brilliantly. It will cope with 40Kg when required. (The largest sizes will carry even more).

26” wheels are the best possible choice for heavily loaded touring.

The 26” MTB wheel has a vast variety of different tyres available and tyres for this size are obtainable in every country in the world!

The Sherpa has clearance for 2" tyres. Some 26” tyres are for MTB use, some are heavy duty for expedition use, whilst others are very quick indeed!

We love to cycle on B roads and country lanes. These roads are in worse condition today, than anyone can remember. On these roads, fat tyres, which are zero-maintenance suspension, make great sense. They make just as much sense in the pot-holed streets of today’s cities!

From £1,368.00

  • The Thorn Audax

The Thorn Audax Mk3R

The Thorn Audax Mk3R is a 700c derailleur equipped bike, it’s intended primarily for use with drop bars and light to moderate loads. The sizes are not suitable for straight bars.

 Ultra-light touring bike.

 Available in 4 colours and 6 sizes

The Mk3R represents two decades of work, manufacturing and developing, what many people tell us are the finest frames for sporty, lightweight touring, that have ever been built. 

The Audax frames and steel forks run with tyres which measure 31mm and mudguards.

Several owners of exotic racing bikes have reported that their Mk3R, which was purchased for training, is practically as fast and handles better than their race bike - as well as obviously being able to carry a load!

We say that, for occasional use, the Mk3R will cope with 20Kg of luggage, spread between the rear carrier, the 3 bottle cages and a small bar bag.

The Mk3R is much happier to carry up to 14Kg and it excels with loads up to 8Kg.

If you regularly carry more than 8kg, we strongly advise that you look at the Club Tour.

Complete bikes from £1,394

Download more information on the Audax here

Thorn Audax Mk4

The new Mk4 Audax builds on over 30 years of producing Audax bikes, its been bought up to date with provision for an ISO disc and appropriate cable routing. Though its still able to take traditional calliper brakes, down tube gear levers, STI’s or bar end shifters as you wish!
Frame accepts 28.6mm clamp-on front derailleur, deep-drop 47/57mm Allen key fitting brakes, rear OLN 135mm. Frame will take 32c Schwalbe Supreme tyre with mudguards, 35’s when run with a disc and no guards. Thorn 858 double butted seamless custom Cro-Mo tube very similar in composition to Reynolds 725, one set of bosses on rear triangle for racks or mudguards, down-tube bosses accept either stops or Shimano down-tube levers but not Campagnolo.
New for 2019 is a custom rear dropout, this incorporates an ISO disc mount and clearance for a 140 or 160mm brake rotor. 
The frame has an anchor point for a “Rohloff Axle Plate OEM2 Adapter for M5 Fender/Luggage Rack Bolt – 8552” meaning a Rohloff hub with an OEM2 axle plate can be fitted!

Frame Only £449, Full Bikes from £1499.99 

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  • Thorn Mercury

The Thorn Mercury

The Thorn Mercury is a 700c Rohloff equipped bike, it is intended for use with drops or straight bars and with light to moderately heavy loads. It has a rear disc mount.

  • Available in 8 sizes and in 6 colours.
  • Long top tube frames for most men with straight bar options.
  • Short top tube frames for most men with drop bars or most women with straight bars.
  • The Mercury frame can accept 35c tyres with mudguards but not all fork and brake options work with this size tyre.

The Mercury can be focused precisely into your dream bike - from a seriously quick sport touring bike to a middleweight tourer.

Download more information on the Mercury here

From £2,811.00

  • The Thorn Raven

The Thorn Raven

The Thorn Raven is a 26" Rohloff equipped bike, it is intended for use with drop bars or straight bars and, depending upon fork chosen,

  • 10 different sizes
  • 1 very small size with medium top tube,
  • 4 sizes with long top tubes,
  • 4 sizes with short top tubes,
  • There’s also a step through size!

We’re very proud of the RAVEN, it is one of the very finest Rohloff equipped bikes on the planet; yet it also manages to be the least expensive!

The RAVEN makes light work of 28Kg loads and will carry 40Kg. (The largest sizes will carry even more)

The Raven has clearance for 2" tyres.

Currently there are several Ravens undertaking the “American end to end”, Alaska to Tierra del Fuego. There are also over a thousand Raven Tours delighting their owners, as they go about their day to day business, with the least possible fuss.

The RAVEN is wonderfully stable; city streets, tow paths, bridleways, mountain passes, desserts and continents can all be tackled in confidence.

The NEW RAVEN is designed to provide a lifetime’s transport, as well as keeping the dream of that “big cycling adventure” well and truly alive!

From £2,303.00

Download more information on the Raven here 

  • Thorn Nomad

The Thorn Nomad Mk2

The Thorn Nomad is a 26" Rohloff equipped bike, it is intended primarily for use with straight bars and with heavy to very heavy loads. It has a rear disc mount and although supplied with a steel V brake fork, it will take suss forks. Sizes unlikely to be suitable for dropped bars

  • 10 different sizes,
  • 5 sizes with long top tubes;
  • 5 sizes with medium length top tubes

The Nomad Mk2 is the ULTIMATE EXPEDITION TOURING BIKE it can carry up to 30kg at the rear, without the need for front bags. It will cope with
over 60Kg including 20Kg at the front. These bikes are built for great strength and reliability.

The Mk2’s stays have sufficient clearance for 2.4" tyres. The Steel fork will take 2.25" tyres It has stainless fittings, including oversized (6mm) carrier bosses. Mk2 Nomads are compatible with 80 to 120mm suss forks.

All Nomad Mk2s have rear ISO disc mount and V brake bosses and the perfect cable routing for the EX box.

NOMAD Mk2 frames are available with S&S couplings. These allow bikes to be transported easily. Sizes up to 565L can, with extensive disassembly,
even be fitted into a 26" x 26"x 10" case - providing the steerer of the steel fork isn’t longer than 235mm

From £2,413.00

Download more information on the Nomad here

The Thorn Raven Twin S&S Mk3 Tandem

There’s no standard specification of Raven Twin Mk3 Tandem.

Even at the start price, there are many different choices you can make.

Helpful advice is always available from our bike sales team, if you require it. There are no duff components anywhere on a Raven Tandem, we supply a very high quality headset, good quality bottom brackets and reliable chains. You couldn’t find higher quality chain rings anywhere. We use only the finest cables and we don’t skimp on the tyres, tubes or rim tapes either. Mudguards are included at the start price - pedals, pumps bar ends and carriers are not.

You may choose your own personal specification.

Starting from £3,999.00

Download more details on the Raven Twin S&S Mk3 Tandem here