If you are an owner of one of our bikes or have any of the components on this page, we hope these short little videos will be helpful to you.

Important Rohloff oil change information

If you have a Rohloff hub that is due for an oil change, here is a handy video to guide you through it.

How do I realign my handlebars?

Loosen the stem bolt(s) that secure the handlebar stem to the steering column. Wiggle the stem from side to side to see that it is loose. Align the stem and the handlebars with the front wheel, and gently secure the top bolt. Stop when you feel the cap first contact the stem (or spacers). Secure the stem bolts. Check for play by pulling back and forth on the fork. A knocking sensation is called play. Turn the handlebars in different directions while checking for play. There may be play at this early setting…if there is, loosen the stem bolts. Turn the adjusting bolt in the centre cap 1/8th of a turn clockwise. Secure the stem bolts, check for play again. Repeat until play disappears. Remember to loosen the stem bolts before turning the adjusting bolt. Do not over tighten stem or handlebar bolts. There is usually a manufacturer’s torque setting on the stem.

NOTE: IF ANY HEADSET IS OVERTIGHTENED THE BEARINGS WILL BE PERMANENTLY DAMAGED. The degree of damage is directly proportional to the amount over tightened. If you are still unsure then watch this short video to see a qualified mechanic adjusting a headset. 

Rohloff shifter gear cable replacement guide

For internal gear mech Thorn Rohloff equipped cycles

Rohloff shifter gear cable replacement video - click to play

This video is for guidance only; always refer to the Rohloff owners manual.

Assembling an FSA Orbit XL II Headset

Click on the link below for photos and instructions showing how to assemble an FSA Orbit XL II headset